Ruser Export guarantees to fulfill the established quality policies by implementing a system of quality control and management of non-compliances and claims, and by carrying out internal and external audits that guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives set out by Ruser Export and accredit the fulfillment of the protocols for which it is seeking certification.

 - We guarantee the traceability of all the products we produce and market (BVQI approval certificate dated 12/01/2006)

 - We fulfill the requirements of protocol EUREP-GAP (BVQI approval certificate dated 29/06/2006)

 - We guarantee the quality of the product and compliance with de client’s specifications

 - We guarantee good fertilizer handling practices that minimize the risk of environmental pollution and guarantee crop nutrition

 - We guarantee good harvesting practices that guarantee the wholesomeness of the fruit harvested

 - We are reducing the volume of chemical plant protection products through a rational use of these

 - We are maintaining and enhancing the indigenous flora and fauna, without affecting the viability of producers’ farming concerns: quite the contrary, this enhances and protects them

 - We are minimizing the environmental impact that the agricultural measures have and promoting the sustainable management of resources

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